Unit Foundation
Unit Network is built on Substrate and linked to the PolkaDot network that (1) provides tools that make it easy to build and grow a token, (2) enables decentral (free-market) banking, and (3) is fundamentally designed to catalyze the token economy – widespread adoption of tokens for use (not just investment) throughout the global economy.
We choose to use the Polkadot network with the substate framework because we believe that this is the latest evolution of blockchain technology, which allows having a scalable trust-less network.
Reasons: Scalable - proof of stake - faster transactions, more environmentally sustainable, and faster consensus mechanism Interoperable - connects with other blockchains Application-specific blockchain - focus on blockchain features that have the biggest benefits
Click here to learn more about Polkadot.

Full Site Redesign

  • Improved UI/UX
  • New homepage
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Progressive Webapp

Unit Network Features

  • Token Builder (core features)
    • Create a token
    • Explore tokens
  • Wallet (core features)
  • Staking (core features)
  • Decentralized Exchange (core features)
  • Community Manager (core features)
    • Token Holders Leaderboard
    • Events
    • Contests
    • Polls & voting
    • News
    • Stores
  • Decentralized Bank & Treasury (core features)
  • Work marketplace (core features)
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