UNIT Token

UNIT Tokenomics

  • Ticker: UNIT
  • Chain: Unit Network is built on Substrate and linked to the Polkadot network. View our Polkadot parachain proposal here.

The basics

The native cryptocurrency of the Unit platform, UNIT, is a token to the Unit ecosystem, and functions for:
  • Staking (stake your UNIT and receive exchange fees when people exchange USDU-UNIT)
  • Operating Nodes (gas fees for running nodes which go to network node operators and validators)
You can earn UNIT by:
  • staking it in the Liquidity Pool and receiving 25% on all exchange fees
  • referring your family and friends and receiving 25% on all of their exchange fees
  • hold UNIT and benefit from platform and ecosystem growth and operations, stored in Treasury​
  • buy/sell it via Exchange​
  • sell things on the Stores​
  • get awarded in the Competitions​
  • receive tips for posting News​

What is the Unit token distribution?

Total Circulating Supply: 100 million UNIT
66 million UNIT tokens will be distributed to Unit community.
Funds from the UNIT token sale are kept in the Operational Bank and Treasury to back up the underlying token economy and won't be spent for operations. 20 million UNIT go to the 200 core team members, where each of Unit co-founders and team members receives 100,000 UNIT with a three-year cliff and a five-year vesting period. 14 million UNIT are kept in the Operational Bank and Treasury to maintain a level of stability of the project.

To participate in UNIT token presale

UNIT token pre-sale is live on the Unit.Network. Please reach out to the core team members for more information.
You can also reserve your spot via UNIT pre-sale whitelist: https://www.unit.foundation/whitelist/​